Update to Recording Gear!

Hi everyone, if you’re not familiar with me my name is Tom and I’m a drum teacher in Manchester. I’ve been focusing mostly on teaching drum lessons at my studio in Manchester and gigging over the past year, however I have recently acquired a nice pair of AKG 414s to round out my recording setup, […]

Konom Album Release

Hello all! My progressive metal band Konom released their debut album on the 26th of Feb, so I thought I’d take a minute to talk about the session and give you a quick rundown of the gear we used. Danny and I recorded drums over the course of 2 days at my parent’s house in […]

Fill Transcript 17th Feb 2021

Now then! Yesterday I released a video of a fill that people seemed to enjoy, so here’s a copy of said video as well as a transcript: Feel free to download the video/transcript if that helps, and please get in touch if you would like a lesson (online or in person). Ta! Tom

January Update 2021

Hi Folks, I hope everyone is doing OK in what are still unfortunately uncertain times! I thought I’d take 5 minutes to update you on everything that has been keeping me busy this past month or two. First off is the release of an album that I played on by a talented chap called Paul […]

Skype Drum Lessons

Hi All, I recently had a great online lesson with Dima from Ukraine and it went very smoothly. Dima had great technique and was very attentive so the lesson flew by. I have also invested quite a lot of effort in making sure that the audio from my drum lessons sounds clear and accurate, so […]

New Drum Playthrough Video

Yesterday I released a drum playthrough video from an album I recorded at the end of February this year, just before lockdown when the world was a very different place! The album is by a chap called Paul Sadler and this track is the second to be released, called “The Fear”. Paul wrote some really […]

Drum Lessons on Skype!

Morning folks, I’m just writing a quick post to remind you all that I have a full Skype rig up and running for drum lessons! This is complete with a revamped audio setup( two mic drum mix, a vocal mic and backing tracks all through Skype) so my drums should sound clear on your end. […]

Jamming to some Cynic!

Morning folks, I recently had a go at covering part of a Cynic tune called “Space for This”, check it out here: This was a tricky groove to get really tight with the track, but very satisfying once it clicked into place. Cynic were a huge deal for me growing up, and the fact […]

“Sketches of Nothing” Drum Playthrough Released

I have recently released the drum playthrough for the track “Sketches of Nothing” from the upcoming album by Paul Sadler “Soon to be Absorbed”. I tracked the drums for this at Noiseboy Studios in late Feb and I really enjoyed the chance to stretch out a bit over his tunes, as there were lots of […]