New Composition Released!

Hi Folks, I recently had a go at writing a tune and thought I’d film a playthrough video for it, which you can check out here: All the guitars were programmed using some nifty software from Solemn Tones which allows you to programme decent quality and well articulated DI’ed signals, which you can then amp […]

Big Band Drumming!

It’s been ages since I’ve played in a Big Band, so I really enjoyed having a go at the Ultimate Big Band play along that was released a few weeks ago. Playing in a Big Band was a great opportunity to learn how to read charts properly, drive a large ensemble and get comfortable with […]

A Few Thoughts on Recording Drums

Hi Folks, I’ve recently been trying to improve my understanding of mic placement on the kit and I was amazed to find out how much small adjustments in mic placement (angle/distance from the drum) can dramatically affect your drum sound and the amount of equing etc you need to do when mixing afterwards. I particularly […]

New Drum Cover (Frost*) up on my YouTube channel

Hi Folks, I’ve recently added a new drum cover by the great progressive band Frost*, please check it out if you have a few minutes spare. Please get in touch if you would like any drum lessons in Manchester City Centre. Thanks! Tom

Drum fill to try!

Hi Folks,   I was jamming away recently and came up with this phrase that I liked. It’s based around a few different concepts I’ve been working on so the whole thing is quite long (three bars). I’d recommend trying to break it down into single bar phrases so you’re comfortable with each component, and […]

New Jam in 7

Hi Folks, Here’s a jam I wrote a few weeks back as a little vamp to practice soloing over, as well as an opportunity to see how the kit sounded with some new skins as part of a mix. Hope you enjoy!

New Kit!

I recently got my hands on a fantastic Yamaha Live Custom for my teaching/recording/practice and it’s an absolute dream to play. Here’s a little clip of me having a noodle and getting accustomed to it: This means I can now record high quality drum tracks quickly and easily as the kit is always set up […]

Jamming in Eleven

Hi Folks, Here’s a fun little jam I did recently in eleven. It began as a drums only video but I felt that was a bit stale, and seeing as I did everything to click I was able to then overdub it with some midi synths to make it a bit more interesting, definitely something […]

Recording Done!

Hello all, Just updating the website to let people know that I’ve been busy working away these past few months writing and recording some drum parts for an extremely proggy album.I’m hoping this will be out by the end of the year but these things can take time! Anyway here are a few pictures of […]