Konom Album Release

Konom Album Release

Hello all! My progressive metal band Konom released their debut album on the 26th of Feb, so I thought I’d take a minute to talk about the session and give you a quick rundown of the gear we used. Danny and I recorded drums over the course of 2 days at my parent’s house in May of 2018, and we handled all the engineering/production ourselves. Here are a few pictures and a breakdown of the gear we used on the session:

View of the drum kit from the back right
The kit was a 22inch kick, 10 inch rack, 14 inch floor and a 14 by 5 (I think!) snare
View of the drum kit from the back left
The cymbals were a mix of Meinl (14 Byzance Hi Hats and 18 Medium Crash), Istanbul Mehmet (22 inch Horacio Hernandez Signature Ride) and Dream (15inch Bliss Hi Hats)
Picture of the bass drum pedals
Pedals were Speed Cobras with Pearl beaters (using the plastic side for more attack)
Picture of the front of the drum kit
The kit was mic’d up quite simply with all Shure close mics (Beta 52a on the Kick, Beta 56a’s on the Toms and an sm57 on the Snare). Overheads were a matched pair of Rode NT1as, and we only had one room mic available which was an SE Electronics R1.

As you can see we managed to make it work with quite a minimal amount of mics/gear and get a sound we were happy with. I find that having fewer mics can force you to focus on placement and tuning more which is a bonus, however it would have been nice to have a few more room mic options and a second mic on the kick.

The only editing done on the drums was switching between takes, so there isn’t a single sample or timing edit on the whole album. This meant that we had to be even more careful when tracking to make sure everything was up to scratch in terms of performance and that none of the drums had slipped out of tune. A quick tip on that front – use tuning locks on your snares to make sure they don’t detune! I recommend the tama tuning locks if you can get hold of them.

If you have any questions about the recording process please drop me an email, and if you’d like a lesson either in person in Manchester or online on Skype/Zoom then please get in touch.