Drum Lessons on Skype!

Drum Lessons on Skype!

Morning folks, I’m just writing a quick post to remind you all that I have a full Skype rig up and running for drum lessons! This is complete with a revamped audio setup( two mic drum mix, a vocal mic and backing tracks all through Skype) so my drums should sound clear on your end. Here is a picture of the kit all micced up:

Picture of the my drum kit including the new mic setup for Skype teaching

Skype lessons are an excellent option to study drums particularly in the current social distancing climate, and despite the limitations, they can also offer some advantages such as the ability to easily record sections of the lesson to look back on later when you’re practising. Many people seem to be understandably cautious about studying online, so I am offering a free ten-minute session for people to try out the lessons and see if they enjoy studying online.

In other news, I also recently covered a quirky tune by Jacob Mann called “Site Crash” which was recorded using the audio rig from my new Skype setup. This tune was a great challenge as the groove is quite bouncy and staccato, and even the slightest bit of overplaying (although there is some) stands out quite dramatically. Please check the video out at the link below or head over to my instagram/facebook page to see it there (and follow me while you’re at it!).

I am aiming to release at least one new video a week in an effort to build my social media presence, so now is the time to start following me and get involved! The plan ultimately is to have a mix of educational stuff, playthroughs of music I’m working on and covers of songs that I enjoy.

Thanks for reading anyway and please get in touch at my website if you would like drum lessons online/ in the Manchester area!