New Jam in 7

Hi Folks, Here’s a jam I wrote a few weeks back as a little vamp to practice soloing over, as well as an opportunity to see how the kit sounded with some new skins as part of a mix. Hope you enjoy!

New Kit!

I recently got my hands on a fantastic Yamaha Live Custom for my teaching/recording/practice and it’s an absolute dream to play. Here’s a little clip of me having a noodle and getting accustomed to it: This means I can now record high quality drum tracks quickly and easily as the kit is always set up […]

Jamming in Eleven

Hi Folks, Here’s a fun little jam I did recently in eleven. It began as a drums only video but I felt that was a bit stale, and seeing as I did everything to click I was able to then overdub it with some midi synths to make it a bit more interesting, definitely something […]

Recording Done!

Hello all, Just updating the website to let people know that I’ve been busy working away these past few months writing and recording some drum parts for an extremely proggy album.I’m hoping this will be out by the end of the year but these things can take time! Anyway here are a few pictures of […]

Groove of the week! Playing Double Bass with the Hi Hat.

Hello all, I’ve been putting little ideas up on instagram so that I have a record of them that I can look back on at a later date. With that in mind I thought it could be good to have a little explanation with them so people watching can adapt them and try them out […]

Lessons Slots Available

Hello all! I have a few slots available throughout the week if anyone is in need of drum lessons in Manchester City Centre. Please visit the lessons section of my website for more info and feel free to get in touch if you have any questions. Cheers! Tom

Update March 2017

Hello all, It’s been over a year since I last posted which isn’t great, my apologies! However in that time I have recorded a new EP with Cotidal, done a few bits of session work,focused on writing a new album with my band Ascent and also kept up a busy gigging and teaching schedule (one or […]

New Drum Cover Up!

Hello all! I’ve just uploaded a new cover of the brilliant tune Alien Hip Hop by Virgil Donati, check it out below: Cheers! Tom

Website Issues!

Just a quick note to say apologies to anyone who tried to contact me in the past few months, I had a few problems with the website so the contact forms didn’t get through properly. Currently trying to get the lost messages back now and I will be in touch if I manage it. Cheers! […]